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We pride ourselves in minimal claims. The best freight insurance is going with a broker who uses only long term, trusted drivers.

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For over 20 years, Caap Logistics has been providing safe and dependable end-to-end transportation management through an extensive freight carrier network available under a single-source system for USA and Canada. We offer a reliable service and reasonable prices under a secure and robust technology platform that provides all our clients with personal order placement, status checks, and comprehensive reporting, allowing for more informed management decisions. This technology also enables the continual monitoring of performance, capabilities, and safety ratings of all carrier network members. A rigorous carrier screening and selection process ensures that you are served by thoroughly vetted, professional motor carriers. Safety is a top priority; and carrier adherence to regulatory truck standards that vary by state throughout supply chain routes is a critical component of carrier selection. Through Caap Logistics, you will tap into a vast transportation network that not only enhances the flexibility and responsiveness of routing, but also enables you to benefit from a collaborative industry design. Caap Logistics' focus is on a cost effective, safe, and quality-oriented volume distribution system which allows our clients to channel internal human resources into their core business while benefiting from:

  • 24/7/365 service 
  • Collaborative marketplace leverage throughout the US and Canada
  • A single point of contact
  • Technology that will enhance your supply chain visibility, status updates, bringing forth actionable data to better inform decisions
  • Drivers with TWIT cards for fast and smooth port clearance
  • Our asset base; we use our brokerage to give us more capacity when needed
  • Freight carrier with brokerage capabilities

Caap Logistics brings years of know-how into your truck distribution systems overnight!

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Members of

  • Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA)
  • NASTC Best Broker Program
  • Truckstop.com’s Diamond Broker Program
  • Macro point 24/7.

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1548 Meander Rd, Grayling, Michigan 49738, United States

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