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Caap Logistics' extensive experience in transportation brings reliable, cost-efficient service.

Eliminate capacity volatility, stabilize rate fluctuations, and manage service more efficiently by leveraging our centralized marketplace. We’ve built relationships with thousands of carriers, owner-operators, and private fleets to match your freight shipment needs. This means we can move your freight anytime, anywhere. 


Supply chain solutions designed for your needs

We have the flexibility to scale by influencing our extensive portfolio of solutions, networks, and access to fleets in the U.S and Canada. Work with our specialists to build the right solutions for your business. 

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Working together to manage your needs

 As a single-source solution for North American distribution needs, we leverage our extensive network to provide our clients with competitive pricing and dependable service.

A thorough carrier screening and selection process means that our clients are serviced by high-quality providers. We place a premium on quality and safety, which translates to consistently superior service, adding value to our clients’ distribution pipelines.

A single call to Caap Logistics offers our clients increased access to a diverse and qualified base of professional  truck carriers throughout the USA and Canada.


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Caap Logistics

1548 Meander Rd, Grayling, Michigan 49738, United States

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